A Bumper Crop of Vulgarity

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  When I was a kid motoring on a family vacation, the raciest things I saw on the road were the Mud  Flap ladies. They were smoking hot and the trucker in the cab was surely a bad-ass!   Tick-tock! … Continued

Their Job Ruined My Slippers!

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I’m at wit’s end with the gainfully employed who are intent on living a full and social life! They want to be done with work and get on with their leisure. Why does their quest for off-work fulfillment lead to … Continued

What? No Vodka or Violence?

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Much of the YouTube video content coming out of Russia is from dashboard cameras. Most of us have had a good laugh watching their motoring danger, road rage, drunkenness and overall wackiness! Dash cameras are very popular with Russian drivers. … Continued

Talk To The Hand!

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Our “Do Not Enter” signs are so boring. I’d rather “talk to the hand.” It definitely gets a driver’s attention. “Falsch” translates from German as “false, wrong or incorrect.” In this case it doesn’t equivocate. “Don’t even think about entering … Continued

Fast & Curious

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Chinese drivers have a severe aversion to wearing safety belts. This, despite the fact that around 200,000 are killed on Chinese roads each year. Visitors will attest to the questionable abilities of drivers in China. So why are seat belts shunned? … Continued

More Blinkah

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In a previous post, “Use Yah Blinkah,” I talked about using overhead highway signage as a way to promote safe and courteous driving. It was a creative campaign launched in Massachusetts. I posted the “Blinkah Update” when I saw that … Continued

0 to 60 …. eventually

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I’ve taken a brief hiatus from this blog to write, record and pitch songs to artists. I’m hopeful. The road always calls me back. I continue to keep my journey between the ditches! A sunny April morning finds me idling … Continued

It’s Time to Lower the Flag

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Yes, I’m crushed! The Super Bowl brought to Seahawk fans a literal jaw-dropping moment. But a week has passed. It’s time to lower the flag from the auto. Let’s take some time off to reflect without the white noise of … Continued

The Shoreline Dilly-Dally

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Every big city has one – the 1950’s bedroom community that has achieved its own personality, pride and history. Close proximity to Pugetropolis makes Shoreline a very desirable address. Shoreline is a solid community with working class roots. Its citizens … Continued

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